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Certification and Training

Certification = "I know how to use this, please check my skills and certify that I can use the one at DIYcave."


Training = "I've used this tool in the past or I have never used this tool."


All training is charged at the rate of $75/hour (minimum 1 hour.) Training times are variable and are based on the student's level of experience and ability to show proficiency.  All requested training is listed with approximate time. Group classes are available for most training sessions.

Please visit our other webpages for information on Auto Lift Certification and Glowforge Certification

Certification and Training

DIYcave Membership is REQUIRED for all certifications. If you would like training as a non-member, please request Private Instruction or Become a Member today

Certification or Training?
What Do You Want To Be Certified On?
What Do You Want To Be Trained On?

**Table Saw Certification Requirement: To take Table Saw Certification rather than Training, it is mandatory that you fill out this additional knowledge inquiry. This form will allow us to better direct your certification or training needs and must be completed before certification will be scheduled.

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