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Areas in Our Shop

Wood Shop

The wood shop is equipped with a table saw, planers, router table, band saws, scroll saw, drill press, sanding machines, spindle shapers, wood lathe and a host of hand tools from palm sanders to jigsaws.  Our growing tool collection enables you to bring almost any project to completion.  Get cleared by one of our experienced woodworkers on safety procedures and start creating today! 

Metal Shop


Tech Room


Jewelry Studio

We offer a wide range of jewelry classes.  Silver, wire, stones, beads, and more  - turn your ideas into wearable art!  Our classes and workshops are affordable and will get you started!  

We also have a Jewelry Studio for you to make your next creation. Once you have taken one of our many classes, you are then free to use this area to make your next masterpiece. This area has a Jewelers table with all the necessary tools, as well as a stone cutting and polishing machine that you can rent by the hour after you have been approved by an instructor.  

Blacksmith Forge

Machine Shop

Glass Studio

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