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Host Your Holiday Party at DIYcave

Need a fun idea for your family while they are in town or your company's Holiday event?

MAKING is the perfect activity to get your group together for fun and bonding. We love to host holiday parties for groups of friends, family, coworkers or corporate groups.

Book a Private Class for Your Friends, Family or Coworkers

Come party with us in the shop! Choose from almost any of the classes we offer. Don't see something you were hoping to do? Fill out the form below with a description of what you want to do and we will work something out. 

Our rate for a private session of an existing class does not change, but we do require a minimum number of people depending on the class. Custom class rates vary depending on the complexity and skill level required.

We will gladly schedule any class we currently offer that does not have a prerequisite. All classes for private group events must be beginner level.  This ensures everyone has fun and is successful in what they are making.  

Rent Our Shop and Bring Your Own Instructor

If you would like to host a class in our shop and provide your own instructor and materials, we can make that happen. Your instructor will need to be trained/certified on our equipment in advance of your event.  


Each area of the shop has a different rental rate. Please inquire for pricing. If we provide materials, or if your class uses our consumables (glue, sandpaper, wood, metal, welding gasses, welding wire, etc.) there will be a minimum charge of $10 per student. 

Are you currently a DIYcave Member?
What Do You Want To Do?
Ages of People in Your Group? (please check all that apply)

Thank you for requesting private instruction. Please allow 48 hours for our response.

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