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Cave Tools: Using the Auto Lift

Mar 2, 2022

NEED A LIFT? The AUTO LIFT at DIYcave has a 10,000-pound capacity!

Use your DIYcave Membership to get access to the Auto Bay, Auto Lift and a large assortment of auto repair tools.

Here’s a list of some of the tools available for your DIY Automotive Repairs: A heated space, auto lift, mechanic’s tools, impact wrenches, engine hoist, transmission jack, gear pullers, hydraulic press, tire changer (manual for now), used oil disposal, torches, welding equipment, and more!

How it works: 1) Become a DIYcave Member- Choose a membership plan that suits your needs. There is a $10/hr surcharge to reserve the Auto Bay. 2) Plan your Auto Repair Project- Talk to us about the tools you’ll need and what tools we have before you start. If we don’t have a specialty tool you need, an auto parts store in the area will likely lend it to you. 3) Reserve a time for your project- Give us a call to reserve the Auto Bay at DIYcave. 4) Show up, sign in, and start your project. We’ll have the space ready for you! We’ll see you at the Cave! Think it. Make it! (and Fix it!)

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