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Our wooden box kit is inspired by one of our kids woodworking classes. The box is simple to put together with the included nails, tacks, sandpaper, and instructions. Adding decoration with paint, markers, stickers, etc, adds creativity and turns this box into a great project and a special place to keep small treasures.

This kit consists of pre-manufactured wooden pieces that require assembly and finishing. It teaches you about proper box construction and how not all joints are the same. It is made from a high quality maple plywood and is not a difficult kit to assemble, even for younger children. The end result is a beautiful, sturdy box for keeping many useful items in.

six wooden pieces, pre-cut and pre-drilled
nails for assembly

Tools needed:
small hammer
glue (optional, any white glue is fine)
stain or paint (also optional, but it looks awesome if you do)

Wooden Box Kit - BBBS

$12.00 Regular Price
$5.00Sale Price
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