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Steward Access

Outside of business hours, there must be a minimum of two stewards in the shop for safety purposes. If another steward is not available, you may bring a friend but you must receive management approval.  All shop access should be coordinated on the Operations Channel in GroupMe so that everyone can join when others will in the shop.

Steward Shop Access Policy:

During Member Business Hours (Thursday to Sunday):

  • One reservation per week during normal business hours after that drop in access only

  • 2hr max timeslot

  • One steward per shop zone

  • Autobay not bookable by Stewards during Business Hours

Steward Day (Wednesday) Access:​

  • No time limit

  • Must have 2 people in the shop for safety


  • Stewards may attend classes for just the cost of materials if there is space available 24 hours in advance of the class

    • Class access must be done through the Program Manager, who will add you to the class waitlist. Please email 

    • If you wish to guarantee a spot in class you may pay for a spot long in advance, with your 20% discount

Sub Steward Shop Access Policy:

Sub Stewards are past Stewards who do not currently have a regular scheduled shift but help cover shifts when needed. 

  • For every 6 hour shift they cover, Sub Stewards are allowed 2 hours of reservable shop time and 2 hours of drop in time.

  • Time can be used Wednesday - Sunday, 6am - 12am except when classes or private events are happening. 

  • ​One steward per shop zone during Member Business Hours

  • Standard Member rates apply for shop usage outside the 4 hours of comp shop time detailed above. 


  • Standard Member rates apply for classes.

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