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DIYcave is a community of people just like you. We are: artists, makers, hackers, entrepreneurs, educators and craft enthusiasts with various interests and skills. 

We provide the space, the tools and the community for you to create, collaborate and educate. You provide the ideas and the materials. All of the skills needed to operate any of the equipment at DIYcave can be acquired by participating in one of our many classes, workshops or through private instruction.

Most of our tools are available to use as soon as your membership begins. However, some tools require certification before you may use them including: the table saw, CNC router table, wood lathe, lasers and most welding machines for example. Please request certification in advance of coming in to use a tool or machine that requires certification.

Our communal shop has the resources and equipment to facilitate wood-working, digital fabrication, metal & wood working and more, providing a gateway for curious minds to learn new skills, share tools, contribute to projects and bring their ideas to life.

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