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Large Projects

Our Large Project program gives you the opportunity to build large things for a reasonable cost. You can store and work on your project at DIYcave, as well as have access to all the services already offered to all of our members.


Our goals are simple: keep it streamlined, give the member clear boundaries of what can and cannot be done on property, give the members full access to the power of DIYcave, and keep it all affordable at the same time! 

Is the program right for you?

The Large Project program is for people who want to work on vehicles, trailers, tiny houses, custom van build outs, full cabinet builds, boat repairs, etc. Although not intended for large furniture or art installations, those may fit under the Large Project umbrella under certain circumstances. 

Read the agreement here

The agreement between DIYcave and you is our way of keeping you (and us) from getting into trouble. By following the agreement we keep our neighbors happy, the local government happy, your fellow members happy, the management of DIYcave happy, and ultimately YOU happy!

The Check In/Check Out list will help you understand what the process will be like on the day you arrive, and the day that you leave. This will help you plan your day appropriately and have the proper documentation ready, if necessary.

Most of the questions that you probably want to ask us about are answered in this document, so please read through it before you reach out.

Fill out a Large Project Plan form

If you feel you fit into the categories listed above and agree to all the terms and policies in our agreement, please fill out our Large Project Plan Questionnaire below. This form gathers all the answers to the questions that we ask every large project. It saves us, and you, time by getting all the pertinent info right up front. You might not know the absolute answer to every question, but you should be able to answer every question to some level of confidence.


Remember that good photographs and explanations will help smooth the process of getting your project on property. We want to show off your project to the members and community!.

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