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Tools at the Shop

Here’s a basic list of tools available for use at DIYcave. Give us a call 541-388-2283 or stop by to talk to us about the tools you need for your project.

Wood Shop

Large Woodworking Tools

Table saws (SawStop) (52” & 25” fence)

  • 8” stack dado set

Planer (15” wide)
Jointer (8” wide)
Bandsaws (large & bench-top)
Miter Saws (sliding and
Router Table (plethora of bits)

  • 8” Sharpening grinder for lathe tools

Drill Presses
Mortising Drill Press (square holes) 
X Carve CNC Router

Overhead Belt Sander (15” wide, open-ended)
Benchtop Belt, Disc Sanders
Drum Sander

Powered Hand Tools
Sanders (orbital, sheet, profile; electric / air compressor driven)
Drills, drivers

  • Various drill bits (spur, Forstner, flat / spade, auger)

Power Carver
Router Table
Scroll Saws
Circular Saws
Track Saws
Oscillating Tool
Reciprocating Saw
Rotozip Spiral Saw
Hand Planer
Metal detector
Wood burner

Nailers - Air powered nail guns
23ga Pin Nailer
18ga Brad Nailers
18ga Staplers
16ga Finish Nailer
Framing Nailer

Jigs & Joiners
Leigh Dovetail Jig
Porter cable dovetail jig
Router Flattening Jig
Biscuit Joiner

Hand Tools
Hand planers

  • Pipe

  • Strap 

Misc. hand tools
Chisels, rasps, files
Tape measures
Hammers / Mallets
Various hand saws
Allen wrenches

Etc Wood Shop
Saw horses
Ratchet straps

Laser Cutters

Boss Laser (CO2 150w) 3’ x 5’

Glowforge Laser CO2 45w) 11” x 19”

Tech Room

3D Printers

  • Ender

  • Prusa

Electrical & Soldering tools


15hp/150gal Compressor for Shop Air
Soap Making Equipment

Powder Coating - Gun and Oven
Industrial Sewing Machine
Serger Sewing Machine
Sewing Machine
Ski/Snowboard Tuning Tools
Drill Doctor

Laser Level

Plumbing Tools

Drywall Tools

Electrical Wiring Tools

Bottle Cutting Jigs For Handmade Glasses

Sharpening Stones

Many DIY Books & Magazines

Metal Shop

3 Oxy/Acetylene Rigs
Plasma Cutter

  • Torches

  • Gas Welding Elbows

  • Rosebuds

  • Welding benches & screens


Large Metal Working Tools
Horizontal Bandsaw
Hydraulic Pipe Bender
Rolling Mill
20 Ton Hydraulic Press
Drill Presses

Benchtop Tools
Stationary & Angle Grinders
Vises, anvil

Sheet Metal Tools
Brake (8’ wide)
Stomp Shear

Hand Tools
Dies (pipe set & tap/die set)
Assorted hand tools

Crescent wrenches
Pipe wrenches

Metal Shop etc
Glue gun
Heat gun


Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Tools

CNC Plasma Cutter (4’x4’)
CNC Router 

  • XCarve (750mmx750mm)

  • 4ft x  8ft

Boss Laser (3’ x 5’) (CO2 150w)
Glowforge Laser (11” x 19”) (CO2 45w)
CNC Vertical Mill
3D printers

  • Ender

  • Prusa



10,000 lb Auto Lift
6,000 lb Cherry Picker
Parts Cleaning Station

  • Engine Stand

  • Transmission Jack

  • Car Ramps

  • Floor Jacks

  • Jack Stands

Coil Spring Compressor
Gear Pullers
Impact Wrench
Many Wrenches

Diagnostic Tools
Used Oil Collection

Metal Forge

Propane Forge
2x72 belt Grinder
Parts Tumbler

Machine Shop

CNC Plasma Cutter
Metal Lathe
Bridgeport Mill
CNC Vertical Mill

  • Lots of endmills, bits, etc.

​Jewelry Studio

Small Vice

Bench Shear 

Drill Press

Drills (assorted sizes)

Foredom Polisher

Rolling Mills

Rotary Tumbler with stainless steel shot

Smith Little Torch and Tips (requires certification)

Propane and Oxygen

Orca EZ Torch (requires certification) with disposable Propane tank

Butane Torches

Triple Refined, Butane Fuel

Soldering Blocks, Magnesia, Honeycomb, and Charcoal 

Flex Shaft with assorted drills, polishing, sanding, and finishing mandrels

Task Light 

Dapping Punch Station 

Stainless Steel Ring Mandrel

Ring Sizer 

Stainless Steel Bracelet Mandrel

Stainless Steel Earring Mandrel

Pepe Disc Cutter (round-assorted sizes) 

Soldering Tripod and Screen


Draw Plate

Wooden Dapping Punch

Center Punch

Desktop Fume Extractor  

Pickle (Sparex)

Liver of Sulphur 

Pickle Pot and Copper Tongs

Flux (Handy Flux and EZ Liquid Flux)

Solder - Medium (chip)

Solder - Medium (paste) 

Flint Striker 

Pro Polish Pads

Sanitizer, Wipes, Paper Towel

Safety Glasses


Steel Bench Block

Assorted Handtools

Chasing Hammer

Riveting Hammer

Steel Bench Block

Set of 5 Maker PrecisioSmith Hammers

Specialty Texture Hammer with 4 screw-on heads

Rubber/Nylon Hammer

2lb Brass Hammer 

Round Nose, Chain Nose, Square Nose Pliers

Flush Cutters

Wrap and Tap Pliers

Bail Making pliers

Metal Hole Punch 0.8mm

Square Jaw Pliers  

Large Metal File 

Small Jewelry Files

Assorted Sandpaper

Bench Pin 

3" Jewelers Saw 

4/0 and 1/0 Jewelers Saw blades


Bezel Pusher, Rocker and Burnisher (3 items)

Wooden Ring Clamp

12 inch Stainless Steel Ruler



Soldering Pick

Glass Studio

Glass Cutters

Running Pliers

Grozer/Break Pliers

Mosaic Nippers

Circle Cutter


Ring Saw

Soldering Irons

Light Table

Project Boards

Glass Kiln


Pattern and Instruction Books

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