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Shop space access is available to members and non-members alike, at the current rates for each type. Some shop tools REQUIRE CERTIFICATION to use independently. Please contact us for further clarification, or visit our Certification page to request certification on a particular device.

To access the shop just choose the shop area that you wish to access from the list below. That will take you to the calendar for that shop area, which will allow you to reserve from the available times. There is a one hour minimum for reservations.

After you have successfully reserved a shop time slot you will get an email with confirmation, as well as pertinent info concerning shop use.

You are responsible for your own personal safety equipment while using DIYcave. Please be courteous of others! It is a shared access makerspace, and as such we have to watch out for each others health and safety.

Let's get you started! Where do you want to work?

Tech Spaces

3D Printers/Tech Room

Boss Laser

Glowforge Laser

Glass Spaces

Glass Studio

Glass Kiln Reservations

Jewelry Space

**Coming Soon!

Sewing Space

**Coming Soon!

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