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DIYcave Partners with Habitat for Humanity to offer Homeowner 101 classes

Feb 16, 2023

DIYcave is partnering with Bend-Redmond Habitat for Humanity to hosting a series of upcoming Homeowner 101 Workshops. This will provide homeowners with the knowledge and skills to care for their new homes.

Participants may attend any of the 10+ workshops scheduled which introduce key concepts around property care and maintenance. Topics include:

  • What Materials are used in a Home - Review of standard home building materials and their common uses, including Drywall, Plywood, Insulation and Plank Flooring. Plus safety, pros, cons, alternatives of each.

  • Tools and their use - Practice using common home tools including a Drill, Level, Stud Finder, and Types of Nails and Screws and when to use each.

  • Putting things together and taking them apart - Overview and use of materials to keep things together using glue, epoxy, screws, friction, welding, screw/nail removal, heating, sawing, solvents and removal of for each

  • Electrical - Understand how electricity works, how it is generated, transmitted to, and distributed throughout your home. Have the knowledge and skills to safely and competently complete basic home electrical projects and repairs. Importance placed on understanding electricity and when to consult/hire a professional. Homeowners will learn to turn off breakers, whole house power, outlet repair, breaker box maintenance, and change out (wire) a light fixture or switch.

  • Plumbing - Understand drain maintainance, water shut offs in a home, and water line repair, especially as it applies to appliance installation. Review basic water heater operation, maintenance and issues. Importance placed on understanding the components of plumbing systems and limitations of various materials. Review exterior water heater shut off. Homeowners will practice drain maintainance, fix a running toilet, replace a sink, and water line repair. Understand the basic plumbing system of a home, identify piping types.

  • Trim and finishing - Understand the different types of flooring including tile, wood plank, vinyl, and carpet. Learn about the types of molding and joints. Understand how to use a miter box and saw. Learn how to install door trim, window trim, and baseboards.Focus on tool skills and tips when finishing. Homeowners will repair drywall, replace molding, install trim, and replace/patch flooring.

  • Furniture Repair and Maintenance - Learn about the different types of wall anchors and pros and cons of each. Understand sand paper types and grit and use of each. Understand shelf physics, funiture repair. Homeowners will Install a wall shelf or hang a mirror and repair a piece of furniture.

  • Projects That Make a Home - Learn how to restore a piece of second hand furniture. Review before and after images of projects and discuss products used for each. Homeowners will personalize their home with a special project such as refinishing/repairing a piece of furniture

  • Outdoors and Gardening - Learn how to build a planter box, plant plants in the ground and in pots, yard maintainance, water management, weed management best practices, and outdoor tool use and maintenance. Homewoners will learn how to review plans (for planter) and build a planter box.

These offerings were made possible through a grant from Eagle Wealth Management and many volunteer instructors and coordinators.

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