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New! Jewelry Studio Now Available For Rent By The Hour

May 3, 2022

Need a space to finish a jewelry project, or maybe start one? Our NEW Jewelry Studio is now available for rent from *$10/hour. You must have prior jewelry making experience and be confident with the tools and techniques you are using. You can reserve time in the studio at

To celebrate the launch, students who attend a jewelry class in the month of August can enter into a special drawing to win a free trial session in this fabulous space. Winners will be announced Aug 30.

Not only is the studio beautiful and has lots of natural light, it is STOCKED with tools so you can create almost any project you desire. Here is a sneak peak of what is available to you:

  • Small Vice

  • Bench Shear

  • Drill Press

  • Drills (assorted sizes)

  • Foredom Polisher

  • Rolling Mills

  • Rotary Tumbler with stainless steel shot

  • Smith Little Torch and Tips (requires certification) Propane and Oxygen

  • Orca EZ Torch (requires certification) with disposable Propane tank

  • Butane Torches

  • Triple Refined, Butane Fuel

  • Soldering Blocks, Magnesia, Honeycomb, and Charcoal

  • Flex Shaft with assorted drills, polishing, sanding, and finishing mandrels

  • Task Light

  • Dapping Punch Station

  • Stainless Steel Ring Mandrel

  • Ring Sizer

  • Stainless Steel Bracelet Mandrel

  • Stainless Steel Earring Mandrel

  • Pepe Disc Cutter (round-assorted sizes)

  • Soldering Tripod and Screen

  • Dividers

  • Draw Plate

  • Wooden Dapping Punch

  • Center Punch

  • Desktop Fume Extractor

  • Pickle (Sparex)

  • Liver of Sulphur

  • Pickle Pot and Copper Tongs

  • Flux (Handy Flux and EZ Liquid Flux)

  • Solder - Medium (chip)

  • Solder - Medium (paste)

  • Flint Striker

  • Pro Polish Pads

  • Sanitizer, Wipes, Paper Towel

  • Safety Glasses

  • Sandbag

  • Steel Bench Block

Plus Assorted Handtools and including:

  • Chasing Hammer

  • Riveting Hammer

  • Steel Bench Block

  • Set of 5 Maker PrecisioSmith Hammers

  • Specialty Texture Hammer with 4 screw-on heads

  • Rubber/Nylon Hammer

  • 2lb Brass Hammer

  • Round Nose, Chain Nose, Square Nose Pliers

  • Flush Cutters

  • Wrap and Tap Pliers

  • Bail Making pliers

  • Metal Hole Punch 0.8mm

  • Square Jaw Pliers

  • Large Metal File

  • Small Jewelry Files (1 set)

  • Assorted Sandpaper

  • Bench Pin

  • 3" Jewelers Saw

  • 4/0 and 1/0 Jewelers Saw blades

  • Burlife

  • Bezel Pusher, Rocker and Burnisher (3 items)

  • Wooden Ring Clamp

  • 12 inch Stainless Steel Ruler

  • Tweezers

  • Paintbrush

  • Soldering Pick

*price based on DIYcave Membership.

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