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New Class: Metal Forge

Aug 14, 2018

Metal Forge is one of our new classes added this summer. Students can expect to learn how to manipulate metal into a variety of items. Like a sculptor with molding clay, the forge allows the maker to mold and shape hot metal into the forms they need. The list of things you can make at a forge is way too long to list! The Metal Forge classes at the DIYCave will provide you with the fundamentals you need to start smithing! The class is taught by Taylor Moe, who has been blacksmithing since he was a teenager. Students will learn smithing basics with hammers, anvils, tongs, and punches. As a blacksmith, you will have the skills to make some of those tools and may find that some of your first projects are building tools for the projects you want to get to.

Once you’re taken Metal Forge, you’ll be able to attend Open Forge and work on projects with guidance from Taylor. The goal of Open Forge is to provide the leadership and knowledge needed for someone to bring their vision to reality. If you have a project in mind or just need an extra hand, Metal Forge Instructor Taylor will be available. If you want to make something but have no idea what to create, no problem Taylor will demo and teach you some great approachable projects. Open Forge is really about celebrating making and blacksmithing together.

About the teacher: Taylor has been a maker his whole life. He grew up making box forts and blaster guns from Star Wars out of paper towel tubes. When he was 13, he fell in love with blacksmithing and manufacturing weapons and armor. When he went to film school, he discovered that he could marry his love of making with my love of film and quickly majored in Production Design, designing and building sets, costumes, and props. Since then, he’s adopted a philosophy never to stop learning and used that to expand his making into a wide variety of fields, from metalworking to leathercraft, woodworking to plastics and foamcraft.

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