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The DIY Cave Gets Fashionable

May 12, 2024

Rooted in a love of fashion, an appreciation of art and a passion for the planet, the Rubbish Renewed Eco Fashion Show fuses environmental responsibility, funky trash fashion and community every Spring. Started in 2010 as a rogue fundraiser by a couple of teachers for Realms Schools, it has turned into a Bend staple, a fashion-forward, sustainably run event that everyone in the community can enjoy. Below you can see garments made from an old air mattress, yerba matte aluminum cans, a tent, and toilet paper tubes! Not pictured was a dress made of Amazon bubble mailers and my favorite a leotard and tutu made out of capri suns!

At the DIY Cave table we demonstrated recycled crafting by melting recycled plastics into a heat mold to make tie dye plastic flowers. We also utilized our 3D printer to make small 3D printed ghosts to give out to eager young observers. We were excited to share with guests some of our sustainably minded classes that used recycled or scrap material that included our date night wine bottle drinking glasses class where participants can bring old wine bottles and turn them into drinking glasses. Our leather tooling earring class, which can easily utilize scrap leather, spoon rings from Grandma's antique silver, intro to lathe turning which often uses small bits of scrap woods, and mosaic glass, which can utilize smaller bits of otherwise unusable glass and random odds and ends like broaches, beads, marbles, broken tile or ceramic, shells, etc.

The DIY Cave recently acquired an industrial sewing machine that is available to rent hourly next to our Jewelry studio! An industrial sewing machine is built to support long term, larger scale sewing projects, so it won't break as easily and it will be speedier and sturdier than most regular domestic sewing machines. It can be great when sewing thicker fabric for things like bike bags made by our friend Hanna at the salty boob!!

We also have 10 different models of sewing machines available to sell currently at the DIY Cave as we are selling off our old, but durable fleet that we once utilized for classes. If you are inspired to make your own sewing projects, they could be an affordable gateway to get started with sewing! Sewing is a great way to make something you would have otherwise purchased, sewing can make great gifts and can be very useful for mending clothes…my mom once caught me mending my underwear which she promptly made me throw away to buy a new pair, but the possibilities are bottomless...I mean endless!

Here is an idea for a great beginner sewing project! For groceries, books, or everyday items! 

Simple Tote Bag Tutorial - The Seasoned Homemaker®

Other sustainability inspired sewing project ideas!

Happy Making!!

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