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***To be used with BEGINNER Soldering Kit***
Ring Clamp
Bezel Roller
Bent Burnisher
Square Bezel Pusher
Straight Blade Shop Shears
Soldering Trivet
Solder Cutting Plier
Non Contaminating Flux Brush (1 ct)
Flux Paste
Solder Sheet Easy (2"x2")
Solder Sheet Medium (2"x2")
Solder Sheet Hard (2"x2")
Solder Pick
Brass Wire Brush
Dental Floss (if needed)

Advanced Jewelry Soldering Kit for Bezel Setting

  • DIYCave processes orders Tuesday and Fridays. We make every effort to prepare orders as soon as they are received. Some items are not kept in stock and require shipping time.  We will let you know as soon as your order is ready for pick up. 

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