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Glowforge Certification

Our Glowforge has a 11.5″ x 20″ working bed and can etch or cut a variety of materials from plywood, acrylic, paper board, leather and much more!


Our Glowforge is available to members as a part of their general membership. It has a consumable charge to cover maintenance and replacement parts (such as the laser tube itself, which has a stated life of 500 use-hours.) The current rate of this charge is available at the front desk.

To begin certification, please watch this video: Glowforge Training

Next, take this comprehension test: Glowforge Video Comprehension


Finally, print out the instruction sheet below and bring it to the shop. You will request access to the Glowforge for certification purposes and the staff will give you a half hour of access to the machine. Please ensure that you have an account at our shop before you begin, so that we can record your success and show that you are proficient. 


Glowforge Proficiency Test

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