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DIY Party: Girl Scouts make bracelets

Jul 16, 2021

Carrie Hanson and a local troop of elementary schoolers from Lava Ridge threw a bracelet making class at the Cave. Carrie said the troop is always looking for something outside of their routine to learn and found that at the DIYcave. Read more about their experience.

What gave you the idea to have a party at the Cave? I had known other Girl Scout, and Boy Scout troops that had done projects at the DIYcave and they had reported back good things. Also, I like that the cave has lots of tools and ideas that the girls may not always get exposure to.

What age group were the participants? Our girls are 2nd and 3rd graders at Lava Ridge Elementary

How did you come up with the idea for the leather bracelets? When I called to inquire about coming to DIYcave, the owner helped me brainstorm some ideas that would be appropriate for our age group and also the limited amount of time that we would have. He threw out a few ideas, and we decided the girls would probably like the bracelets the best.

How did the participants feel after doing the project? The troop and our adult leaders, they had a great time. The girls liked being able to make something they got to keep after. And it was fun for the whole troop to have matching bracelets. My daughter said it was fun and she liked using the old-fashioned type tools.

Would you recommend friends having a party at the Cave? Absolutely. What’s so great about the DIYcave is that they have everything you need and provide an instructor. Especially for scouts, it’s difficult for the leaders to keep things new and fresh and come up with fun activities and curriculum on a regular basis. The Cave provided an excellent opportunity for the girls that didn’t require a lot of planning and prep by the leaders. Just show up, and everything you need is there!

Want to bring your group for a fun night out and get making? Contact us and we’ll help you brainstorm the perfect party project.

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