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Meet the teacher: Teri

Feb 17, 2017

We talked with Teri Shamlian, teacher of our popular fused glass and mosaics classes about how she started working with glass and her experience at DIYcave.

How did you get into glass work? I had taken a couple of classes before I got to Bend and decided that it would be a good retirement hobby. The plan was for me to convert one bay of our garage into my glass shop when we moved eight years ago. I was doing only stained and leaded glass at that time. Once here I took a fused glass class at Glass Symphony and got hooked. Even though they went out of business, I was able to buy a kiln from them. Fusing opened up a whole new world of art to me.

How did you learn about DIYcave? I decided I wanted to put fused glass into welded frames but I couldn’t get anyone to weld frames for me. The DIYcave was just opening when I met Dave Danek. I came to the open house and won the prize for a free class and that started my welding projects. The technique isn’t always pretty, but I have plenty of room to get better.

Why do you like teaching classes at DIYcave? I like the atmosphere of DIYcave. The different types of people that come there to work on their projects and the smell of fresh cut wood. Everyone is happy to help you or teach you how to do things. When I shared I was doing welding and glass, someone said they wished there were glass classes at the DIYcave and ‘I thought, I could do that…’ So we began with mosaic – a very easy DIY skill. We’ve done a mosaic on stepping stones, rocks, signs and mirrors. Since then I have taught fusing classes as well. We design in class, then I bring the art to my home shop for fusing and return it a week later.

What are some projects you are working on? I’ve made 11 welded yard art pieces, all entirely different in design and glass work. Also, I do commission work upon request. For me, the challenge is when asked if I can do “that.” If I think I can, that’s when the fun starts. But the best part is I can walk into my shop and make anything I want any day. Now that’s a good hobby!

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