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Volunteering at DIYcave

Interested in helping to create an ever growing Makerspace and being part of an amazing Maker Community? Our Stewardship Program might be the right fit for you! Work a shift at the Cave each week or help us in other ways and in return for your service we have things like shop access and free classes that you can earn. 

Stewards work a 6 hour shift at the front desk each week to receive benefits of Stewardship. Your primary responsibility while on duty will be to attend to the activities of DIYcave, DIYcave Members and DIYcave Students by maintaining the shop and ensuring that Members and Students have an amazing experience at DIYcave.


A typical Steward work shift will include tasks such as cleaning and maintaining the shop, assisting Members, giving tours, preparing the space for events and classes, managing Member check in/check out procedures, answering a lot of questions, and working on a wide range of projects that will keep DIYcave functioning and growing. There is a list of ongoing Steward tasks and projects plus a daily chore list posted. Stewards are expected to work on these tasks and chores during their shifts. 

Working on your own project during your Steward shift is not allowed. However you are able to access the shop on Wednesdays (when we are closed to general members) plus you can reserve up to 2 hours of shop time during member hours each week and have unlimited drop in access (use of the shop when there are no member reservations - but if a member comes in, you will need to clean up and give them the space). 

You are also able to join any of our classes for only the cost of materials when the class is not fully booked (after your first 30 days of volunteering). 

Interested in applying to become a steward at The DIYcave?

Our Stewards

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Emma D






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​Stewards are the lifeblood of our operations at DIYcave. These amazing people help keep the Cave open and functioning by assisting members, maintaining the shops and equipment, and taking an active part in creating our growing community of Makers.

Read what a few DIYcave Stewards have to say about being part of our makerspace…

Testimonials from Stewards:

I became a steward because I love helping people build new skills, and I figured DIYcave was a great place the both share what I know as well as learn from others. – James

The cave has been a great place for me here. It has not only given me a much needed workable art and equipment space but a whole group of warm, generous, talented people. I feel very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to be a steward. I love helping other people learn new skills, especially seeing the school kids discover how much fun making sparks and cutting and welding and creating things out of metal can be. – Anne

I became a steward because as soon as I walked into the Cave, I knew that I had to be a part of what was going on there. I remember walking in and talking to Dave, who gave me a tour of the shop. Immediately, I asked if they were hiring. Dave explained that the stewardship program is volunteer based, and then asked if I was interested. Of course, I was interested. I wanted in! – Damien

I like having my comfort zone stretched and expanded. I walk away often feeling I’m empowered with needed vehicles and that I’ve achieved something positive with my day–no matter how insignificant it may be. People gather to share resources and knowledge, work independently, network and build tangible inspiring products. – Sarah

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